Mobile Ad Serving

Mobile devices are leading the way to the future. Wherever you look, it is clear that people are increasingly demanding online connectivity even while they’re on the go. The popularity of devices such as the Apple iPhone, Blackberry, and Google Nexus1 are all testaments to this trend.

The number of mobile users has reached critical mass. Businesses that fail to take advantage of this opportunity will be left behind by the competition. Fortunately, Rotapix Interactive Media isn’t slow in realizing that there is a huge potential in mobile ad advertising. We offer the following services:

Brand Advertising

Do you want to reach the market through their mobile phones? Mobile brand advertising is the way. It inspires consumers to think about your brand and products while traveling. Our attention-grabbing ad units will carry a good marketing message about your company. As one of the leading brand advertisers in the marketplace, we have the products, the logistics, and the people who can make things happen.

Performance Advertising

Rotapix Interactive Media is an expert in performance advertising for mobile phones. We offer sophisticated targeting techniques that result to low-cost customer acquisition. The results of performance advertising are also easy to buy and measure. Know exactly what your return on investment (ROI) is and determine what the right strategy is for your business. Take advantage of the leading-edge mobile marketing strategies from Rotapix Interactive Media.

Mobile Search Solution

If you still haven’t heard about mobile advertising, you must have been living under a rock. Mobile promotion and everything that goes along with it is one of the fastest-growing segments that provide marketers with vast opportunities. It is about time you know about it. Here at, we provide information, consultation, and maintenance services related to mobile SEO.

Rotapix is at the forefront of everything related to search engine solutions. By hiring our services, you can be assured that you’re receiving the best mobile solution that is suitable for the nature of your business. We customise each mobile SEO campaign we implement to fit in with the unique needs of each of our clients. It comes as no surprise that they can immediately see an increase in visitor traffic, popularity, and profit.

The Mobile Search Solutions we implement fits in with the following:

Time Constraints – mobile users have no time to waste. That’s why we optimise each page according to their search terms. This ensures that the information they receive is quick, accurate, and relevant, exactly the way they expect.

Limited Screen Space – regular desktop are easier on the eyes due to its large size. In the case of mobile devices, users usually need to strain their eyes when websites use small fonts. At, we maximize your screen space. This lets your site to be a favorite among mobile customers.

Search Engine Algorithm – in line with the unique needs of mobile users, search engines have responded by customising their results based on proximity and search term. The number of links your site has plays a more minor role so an updated mobile search solution is necessary.

The future of search is here. Small and large businesses need to recognize today that mobile search solutions are the tool that will enable them to survive and thrive in a dynamic marketplace.