The iPad can be considered both as a cool gadget and a business tool. It’s not surprising that it is a must-have tool for individuals from all walks of life. It also appeals to consumers because the iPad has video playback, eBook reading, internet browsing, and online gaming features. So whether you want to develop an application for business, gaming, or entertainment purposes, the Rotapix team offers customised solutions.

Aside from the all features mentioned above, the iPad also has word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation capabilities. The external screen can act as a portable sales presentation tool. There is still a lot of room to expand the iPad’s capability. This can be done through iPad application development.

Our extensive years of experience in developing applications make us the right choice when it comes to iPad application development as well. Product research and development, testing, and design expertise: these are all part of our process. All developers in our team are dedicated to the job at hand and can deliver the perfect product for your organisation.

f you’re looking for a customised iPad application, Rotapix can deliver. Below are some potential applications our company can provide:

  • iPad Magazine Application – we create interactive magazine interface that can change the way customers view your brand. Rotapix improves your brand in the most cost-effective way possible. Our iPad magazine application can also be the source of leads and advertising revenue.
  • iPad eLearning Application – the iPad can be used as an educational and training tool. Take advantage of its multiple capabilities by hiring Rotapix to create the right learning application for your organisation.
  • iPad eBook Application – convert your book into electronic iPad format to capture bigger market. Reach out to potential customers through the Apple store.
  • iPad Games Application – games attract young and hip customers. Increase brand awareness among your target market with a great gaming application from Rotapix.

Our team studies the specific requirements of your business to create the right application that will make an impact! Contact our support staff today if you need first-rate iPad applications for your organisation.