Is it possible to earn thousands of dollars by investing $10 or less? In an ordinary environment, the answer will be no. But the internet has opened up a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs and forward-thinking business owners. Hundreds have already made large amounts of money from their small investment by hiring domain monetization experts.

It is a noted fact that some domains have sold for an astounding $1 million. Certain transactions completed behind the scenes have also involved more than that amount. Here at Rotapix Interactive Media, we take pride in our staff and their knowledge of domain monetization. We recognize that this field has a large money-making potential. There are several ways to monetize including (1) selling, (2) parking, and (3) leasing.

  • Selling – this is probably the favorite money-making method for domain prospectors, especially if the one-time payment they receive is significant. While it is a very good way to earn profits, selling is not always recommended. In some cases, you can make more money from leasing or domain parking. In any case, can help you in all undertaking.
  • Parking – the strategy used when domain prospectors want to earn from their domain with limited investments. Basically, the domain will be “parked” or reserved until such time that another individual or company becomes interested in it. Otherwise, the parked domain can still generate revenue if it is chosen wisely.
  • Leasing – if you believe that the domain you acquired has a better potential than the current offer you have, leasing it out is a good idea. Rotapix Interactive Media is an expert in domain leasing. We can educate you about the ins and outs of this strategy.

If you want to be successful in domain monetization, it is first important to know how to spot a valuable domain name, how to secure it, and how to sell it legally. New domain names are hard-to-find because previous prospectors have already registered it for themselves. However, there is a way around this. Our company is familiar with the principles of drop services, domain auctions, and the art of successfully buying and selling domains.