Q Interactive Pty Ltd is continually on the lookout for strategic partners who can add value to the company and help it grow. We welcome investors who share our vision, mission, and goals from both within and outside Australia. Q Interactive is a highly responsible company and we act in a manner that will provide benefits to the group’s existing businesses and clients.

There are many reasons why investors should invest in Q Interactive. Aside from our solid performance in the past years, our businesses and new projects also show great growth potentials. In every business dealings, we commit to our corporate obligations to investors by being transparent and risk cautious. In addition, we are also proud of our strong cash flow management because our effective systems already in place.

  • Transparent – investors are informed whenever there is any significant development within Q Interactive and its group of companies. Funds are allocated appropriately and only after investors agree on the new projects as well. In addition, investors can expect to be informed about the revenue that Q Interactive generates and how much they can get from it.
  • Risk Cautious – there are many available projects from the internet, all of which requires funding. While many of them shows promise, we carefully weigh the pros and cons of each to determine if it is the right fit for our company. Q Interactive strives to get maximum return on investment (ROI).
  • Solid Money Management – one of the main problems among companies large and small is cash flow management. This is because businesses do have expenses in their everyday operations even though a significant part of their asset is tied up.
    With Rotapix Interactive Media, we recognise this concern. That’s why we ensure that our firm is liquid enough to meet every financial obligation.

Q Interactive also seeks acquisition opportunities that will make the company better and more competitive in today’s environment.